Trigger Point and Hydration: The Dynamic Duo

Hydration and Trigger point – The Dynamic Duo!


You have heard us whittle on about hydration about a kazillion times.
But it can’t be stressed enough.
Hydrating is one of the best methods of recovery.
And I know we have used multiple metaphors for describing the benefits. But I heard this one the other day and figured I would share with y’all.
Imagine a steak before its cooked. It’s juicy. Elastic. When you stretch it, it comes back together. It’s pliable. Well can you guess what steak is? Muscle! Imagine having a muscle like that! YOU WOULD BE ON UNSTOPPABLE!! (not literally of course)


Now imagine beef jerky (or you may know it as biltong or dried beef ) When you stretch it pulls apart. It’s tough. Dry. Cracking. Stiff. And guess what beef jerky is! Muscle! Imagine having a muscle like that? How rough would that be?


So now I’ll ask, which type of muscle would you like ? Steak or Jerky?
Best time to hydrate  – ALL DAY EVERYDAY!  Seriously though, hydrate with water as often as possible. During exercise add some electrolytes in there and you’ll be looking food.

Now let’s address the second member of the Dynamic Duo.

Some of you may be thinking “Trigger point? what the hell is that?”
Have you ever noticed some orange rollers lying around your gym? often have a grid pattern on them.
Or you may of seen some strange looking green patterned rolling things.
And people roll over them and you may think “what does that do?”


Well, yup, that’s trigger point. The idea is it replicates a massage! You know when you go for a massage and it hurts like hell on a specific spot. Well that’s where trigger point can help you out.
So what exactly does it do? why is it any different to stretching?
Well let’s look at our muscles like a rubber band.

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Stretch a rubber band and what happens? Well obviously it stretches.
But what happens if we tie a knot in it? Well it doesn’t work so well does it? You’re really only stretching from the end to the knot and making it tighter and tighter.  Which isn’t exactly optimal – especially if we view them as muscles.
So what does trigger point have to do with rubber bands and knots. Trigger helps us release those knots by working into the soft tissue (muscle) effectively. Slowly loosening those knots, slowly making that rubber band return to its normal state.
Now a word of warning. Loosening those knots isn’t just like untying them. It will take going through a little discomfort. But the more you do it, the more those knots will loosen and the less discomfort you will feel!
When is the best time to do trigger point therapy ? Ideally try to do some everyday. However, if that’s not possible, before or after exercise is best.

So imagine the combination of keeping those muscles hydrated AND massaging those muscles. Pretty lethal right?
Getting those muscles to that hydrated supple state, without any kinks in them. That’s a combination which means you will be moving at your best, performing at your best
Feeling at your best. 


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