Training for Performance

Training for Performance.

“How do I look like this XXX” or “OMG have you seen how awesome XXX players are?” and “Sprinters have UH – Maze – ing bodies!”
These phrases or something similar get chucked around all the time.Clients and peepz always mention how awesome these professional athletes look.


But when people train themselves or think about training, they never seem to stop and think. They consistently think about ‘toning up’ and ‘trimming up’ or spot enhancement/reduction.
And don’t get me wrong, it can help you look and feel the way you want too, it has it’s merits.

BUT I would like to just throw something into the cake mix.

What about training like the elite athletes?
Training for Performance.
Make that your focus.
and I guarantee you’ll see changes in your body like never before!

Why do I say this?
1) Science! – having an attainable goal gives you a focus and your training a focus (not going from one machine to one dumbbell to one machine every 20 seconds). Numerous articles and papers have supported this.
2) Logic – the best athletes are all measured by specific performance measures. So why not train the same or as similar to them as possible?
3) Simplify – People training for performance don’t worry about all the minute details all the time (which face it, sometimes we obsess over) they worry about being able to perform the best they can when they need too, which means turning their bodies into mean machines
4) Science! – I know I’ve said this twice now. But the elite athletes use exercise programs which have been tried, tested and tweaked over thousands of years and it works! Not what some guy says on his blog….uh oh….

Sounds great right? but what if you don’t play a sport? or you don’t compete in an event?
Well that doesn’t mean you can’t train like the elite!
You think Jessica – Ennis looks pretty good, then get training like her!
You think Usain Bolt or Lebron James looks awesome – get training!
Start with a simple internet search – ask your old friends who used to compete in that sport – get looking at a local bookstore – hire a personal trainer and discuss with them. Find a program stick with it for 2 months, you’ll see the results. Tweak and adjust to what works for you. And off you go again.

And if you DO compete in a sport or event.
Then you’re already on the right track. Just get informed and get training!

Some things you might find common with training like the elites for performance:

  • They train for a contest or season, yes they look pretty good all year round. But they often peak for these events/seasons (think about beach bodies?)

  • Elite athletes have different bodies depending on the requirements of their sport. It’s very difficult to look like ALL elite athletes. My advice? Choose an athlete you think looks great and go with that type of training.

  • Some athletes will be training five times a week twice a day. Don’t jump in the deep end if you’re inexperienced with training. Work your way up to this level.

To summarize then:
Stop worrying about how your chest or arms aren’t getting bigger.
Stop worrying about if you haven’t trimmed up your butt and don’t have a flat stomach yet.
Find an elite athlete you think looks good.
Do your research about how they train and eat.
Adjust when necessary
Look you baddest and best!

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