Training on the Beach!

Hello World, Recently I posted about how training in the swimming pool is a great way to get / stay in shape, numbering many of its benefits as well as giving you folks examples of how to train in the pool.

However, With this great weather coming in, I failed to mention another place to get a great workout and a tan.




I know…I know…HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT THE BEACH DURING SUMMER!! but I did. SO, in this article I am going to rectify this mistake THE BEACH! It’s a great place to get a workout in and a chill out after. You can work on almost any aspect of fitness at the beach Strength, Cardio, Power.If you can think of it. You can get it done on the beach

One of the reasons working out on the beach is so fantastic is the sand. Yes. That’s right. The sand. The sand creates a resistance to your movement when performing actions on the beach, effectively constantly overloading the working muscles (legs) This increases the oxygen demand to your legs, thus increasing heart rate etc etc. Another great use of the beach with fitness is the fact you can use the water. You can combine swimming with exercises in the sand and perform exercises in the water.

There are countless combos you can use. AND all of this whilst being in a great location and getting a great tan with an epic place to chill out after! HOWEVER, a word of warning! Training in 60% + Humidity means you are going to sweat A LOT! As well as the sun beating down on you in 25+ temperature, I can not stress how much WATER you must drink. When training out on the beach think WATER WATER WATER! We do not want you getting dehydrated! Another tip as well would be to slap on plenty of sun screen. Keep that tanning controlled to reduce the chance of a burn.



So now you have the information on why training on the beach is good. You’re probably thinking, ‘Thats great, but what do I do?” NO WORRIES Below is an example of a endurance cardio session and a sprint session using both the sea and the beach. Feel free to decrease the speed of the shuttles and add in exercises to feel the burn in the muscle area you want!

Endurance Cardio: Measure roughly 10 meters up from the water line. Then give yourself a distance which is roughly 10 meters in the water to swim and now, starting in the water complete 5 shuttles every time you reach the top of your 10 meter run that counts as one. 2 minute break repeat 3 – 4 times

Sprint Session: Mark out roughly 10  and 15 meters. Starting in the sea with the water line at your knees, complete 4 sprints to 10 (walk back as recovery) and 4 sprint to 15. Really focus on driving your knees high then move higher up so that the water line is at your shins and repeat. Move so the waterline is at your ankles and repeat. The last reps should be with you out of the sea on the beach.

I hope this helps educate you folks on how to use the beach for a great session

Cheers and stay healthy

Dan 🙂

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