Top 5 Lifting Errors

Top 5 Lifting Errors

Before we even start, I just want to clarify the term ‘lifting’

For the purposes of this article, ‘weightlifting’ refers to any Dumbbell, Barbell, Machine or Olympic lift.
We are going to cover the common misdemeanours you may or may not do yourself as well as give a quick tip on how to edit this misconception.

Number 1:


You may do this, or you may see people doing this.
Peeps going into the gym and going way too heavy – and then looking like they’re about to snap in half or pass out from their bright red cherry tomato faces.
Many people often think they can lift way more then they can or they lift it because it’s cool to lift such a high number even though they look like they’re about to take a trip to the emergency room.
If you’re thinking “I’m not sure this is me” – then yeah you’re probably that person.
Remember that your reps should look ‘pretty’ the movement should be smooth and controlled and that all of these reps should look exactly the same. If it gets to the point where they look terrible or they are slowly deteriorating – you’re working at too heavy a weight.

TIP – Start lighter then you need to when beginning a new program – this will force you to focus on ‘good’ reps and making sure the right muscles are working – it will also ensure that you lose that ego and progress correctly.


Number 2:


Going too light.
You need to be challenging your body, inducing it to some kind of stress. Otherwise it won’t adapt, it’s pretty much as simple as that.
Yes going light can be correct, if you’re working to 25 reps, obviously you’ll go lighter. But make sure that those last 5 reps are tough as well to keep perfect form. You should feel like your muscles are going to explode.
Ditch the weights you can do 1000 reps with perfect form and feel nothing afterwards, that’s going to help no one!
TIP – depending on your rep range, make sure that your last 3  – 5 reps are really tough, that you’re really pushing yourself to hold perfect form. This will ensure you are working to the right amount and don’t be afraid to up the weight if you need too!


Number 3:

Changing Program too often.
Let me paint a picture for you:
You see someone enter the gym every day for 4 weeks. The first two weeks they do similar movements and weight/rep ranges. Makes sense right? they’re sticking to thier program. But then after that two weeks they jump to an entirely new set of movements and weight/rep ranges. WHAT ARE THEY DOING? you question.
well most likely they got bored and changed program. They might of read somewhere on the internet that you should change program every 4 weeks.
And while yes, variety is good when working out – but it needs to be part of a structured program with progressions and regressions which make sense and aid to the overall goal.
Jumping from a fat loss to weight gain program / diet every 4 weeks isn’t going to get you anywhere!
From working with clients and working in the real world, if you want to see REAL results – stick with a ‘style’ of program for three months. Now it doesn’t have to be exactly the same program, but if you’re working with high rep programs – stick to high rep programs for three months – you get the picture.
TIP – change your workout plan every three months – this extended period will allow you to see REAL changes.


Number 4:

Never Changing Program
But you just said that we should not change program?
A little confused? let’s clear it up.

If you’ve stuck to the same program style/program for three years. It’s time to change. Now this may sound like common knowledge, but you’d be surprise.
If you found amazing results with a program, you may find that you’re reluctant to move away from this program. You might find yourself repeating over and over and over again. Now I’m not saying you won’t see the same results. You’ll probably get similar results. But after five or six cycles of this program. It’s time to move away.
TIP – Make sure that you have changed your training style over the last year. If it’s stayed relatively similar for some time – it’s time to change


Number 5:


The Snap back (prawning) / the Arched back
Please excuse my extremely scientific term here, I know things can get a little confusing with these fancy terms.
So let’s break it down.
Ever seen a prawn? now think of that in the gym….you know what I’m talking about, it’s a one way road to the hospital, which nobody wants.
Conversely some folks get so worked up about having a straight back they actually ‘arch’ their back. Once again this is a sure fire way of ending up in the hospital.
High volume work or heavy load work with either of these will give you problems that could end up in a lifetime of pain.
TIP – when working out always ensure that your spine is in a straight, strong position. If you’re unsure how to get it there, practice moves (bird dogs are great) which can help you learn where a neutral spine is. Alternatively get some to place a straight piece of wood or foam roller along your back, that will help you figure out how to keep it straight.


All of these may relate to you, you may know someone who this relates too.

The important thing is to be aware of all of these and take action so they don’t happen to you!

Avoid these common errors and you’ll be on the right path to success!



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