The PF Essential 6

The PF Essential 6

We have talked about rolling consistently over the last couple of weeks/months.
And I hope by now you understand the importance of rolling.
If you’re still not sure, check out ‘Trigger Point and Hydration – the Dynamic Duo’

But now you know the importance of rolling the next logical questions is:
Where should I be rolling?


Now there are tons of places to roll and different ways of rolling them.  If you Google it you’ll find a ton of information and it can be a little overwhelming. Especially when they start throwing fancy names of the areas to roll.


So I’ve decided to simplify things for you so it’s nice and easy and you can get rolling!
For the majority, feel free to use a roller or a ball or whatever you use to roll!
For beginners I would recommend finding an old tennis ball and a cheap foam roller to start with.

Number 1)
Feet  – Imagine there is a rubber band stretching from the joint of your big toe to the heel of your foot.
Ideally using a small ball like a tennis ball or golf ball would be great.
If you feel any snapping or popping that’s totally normal, don’t freak out  
Just roll up and down that ‘rubber band’ and see how it feels.




Number 2)
Lower calf  – If you look at your calf, you can see it has a ‘meatier’ part. Roll just below this point – just as it narrows towards your ankle.
Roll this part by applying pressure and doing some foot circles and knee bends. Remember that the rolling should feel a little uncomfortable.

Number 3)
Thigh – Basically from your hips down to your knees.
Roll this out be using a roller – if you need to get someone to help apply pressure don’t be afraid to ask someone at home.
Roll up and down your calf slowly, moving an inch or two at a time. After you get through 4 – 5 rolls complete some knee bends to really work into the tissue.

Number 4)
Hip Flexor – Place the roller where your ‘pockets’ would be if you were wearing a pair of jeans.
Whilst lying on this area feel free to explore where the tissue is tight. Whether this is by dragging your hips side to side or by rolling a couple of inches up and down.

Number 5)
Butt – Just where you back pocket is.
Sit down on a ball (just imagine where a back pocket would be on a pair of jeans)
Now the side the ball isn’t on. Make sure that Hip is higher than the side the ball is on.
Do small little circles and drag and pulls to keep moving.

Number 6)
Upper Back – Place two balls on the gap between your shoulder blades and spine.
Lie down on them with your knees bent, feet on the ground.
Take a couple of moments to breathe.
Now raise your arms into the sky and bring them back down – do this two times.
Do the same thing for making your arms wide so you’re in a cross and hugging yourself.
Now I know some of you may only have a roller at home.

Not to worry, you can still get the upper back rolled out so its feeling loose!
Lie on the roller (should be ‘in line’ with your shoulder blades) with your knees bent, feet on the ground.
Now, whilst supporting your head with your hands, let your head fall back. This may feel quite tight already.  Once you have done this for awhile – tuck your chin in and roll roughly 4 inches up and down.

These are the crucial six to a body that feels flexible, powerful and pain free.
Roll these out every day or every other day.
yes it will be uncomfortable to begin with.
But overtime you’ll feel better and better!

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