Lost 2 Stone Over Summer!

Over summer I wanted to go through a rigorous fitness program designed for me. Daniel designed a program that would vary from work outs with him and work outs by myself. Through the varied types of workouts I managed to lose 2 stone. I would recommend Daniel to anyone wishing to lose weight, build general fitness or gain muscle as he could help with all of those.

Sam Allen - UK

Inspired me

The Fit Camp program has really been fun! It's inspired me to eat healthier, be more active and workout regularly.

Sang ok
Urban Farmer

Dropped Body Fat and Gained lbs of Muscle!

When I began my fitness program with Ryan I was at 16.2% body fat and could barely run a mile in less than 12 minutes. Although I went to the gym in the past and thought I knew how to work out, I disregarded the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. Ryan created a fitness and diet program that corresponded towards achieving my goals. Within months, I dropped body fat to the single digits, increased strength, endurance, and even gained several pounds of muscle! I highly recommend working with Ryan as each fitness program he implements is individually tailored to suit each person’s needs.

*UPDATE - March 7, 2013*
Ryan's training program has helped me achieve the look I wished to obtain with proper nutrition and workout techniques. My photos show my one year transformation and are proof that sticking with his customized fitness program anyone can achieve their goals.


John Kieffer - USA

It will change your outlook on health...

If you are seeking a program that will change your outlook on health, Precision Fitness is what you are looking for. Ryan and Daniel have a great training approach and are always open to helping and guiding their students. Classes are energizing and uplifting and are a great respite from the stress and intensity of Hong Kong.

Erin H
Hong Kong

Ryan successfully converted me!

My weight was 62kg when I first met Ryan. I thought my weight was ok and had a normal BMI so I never even thought of going to gym. I met Ryan and he introduced the gym to me while also giving me lot of tips on how to stay healthy. From January 2012 I began training with him at the gym.

It was tough when I first started and I could barely lift my arms up after the gym. Ryan was patient and taught me a lot of things and I started to follow his programs which later he tailor made and developed further for me.

I could see the change after a few weeks. I started to eat a lot - wasn’t easily tired during the day and my arms got bigger. It was quite good! Furthermore he gave me a lot of tips about dieting which were all very useful. My weight is still 62kg but I have lower percentage of fat compared with before.

I have been going gym for more than a year now and I have kept up this routine. Ryan has successfully converted me! He has introduced me to something I had never given a thought to. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle!

Patrick Li - Hong Kong

A lot of fun to work with!

Ryan has helped me look at the way I eat in a new and inspiring way. His friendly and non-judging approach makes me feel at ease and want to learn more about clean eating. It also helps that Ryan is a lot of fun to work with!

Esther Wan
Hong Kong

Results after only a few weeks!

After attending a gym for years with little or no results I decided to take up the Fit Camp challenge with Ryan of Precision Fitness and have now been attending 3 times per week for the last few months. Ryan is a great trainer, he is incredibly motivating and has amazing energy, he also takes the time to get to know your personal goals and helps you stay on track to achieve them. Ryan is always happy to assist with nutrition and diet advice and keeps up to date with all of the latest research. I am now looking and feeling great, I am much healthier and have seen a significant increase in my flexibility and fitness levels. I would highly recommend the sessions to everyone. They are motivating and enjoyable and you can see the results after only a few weeks!

Janine Barnes - Hong Kong

Pushed me hard and focused...

I've had a great session with Dan. They have pushed me hard and focused on areas I want to improve on.

Angus. S
Hong Kong

Would recommend this to anyone!

Great improvement after the first day! Great coaching. Amazing positive power all around! Would recommend this to anyone. No machines. Only your body. Perfect!

Stefano T.
Hong Kong

Dan has made it work for me.

I've been personal training with Dan for over a month now and I have to say it's been thoroughly enjoyable. He clearly paid attention to my need to get fitter and stronger in a sport specific way, tailoring a specific training/nutrition routine to improve my strength and speed for rugby. I normally hate exercise, but Dan has made it work for me.

Will C
Hong Kong

Enjoyed The Mix Between Indoor & Outdoor...

What Specifically Did You Like Most About Our Transformation Program?

I liked that every session had something different. It was never too repetitive.

Describe one or two of the most important benefits you’ve received?

Much more energy and I have slept much better!

Would you recommend our program to others? If so, why?

Yes! It's a great way to get yourself back into a routine of exercise and remember how hard you can actually push yourself. It's too easy in the gym to just do the same routine and slow down every time you get a little sore or tired.

General Comments?

I really enjoyed the mix between indoor and outdoor sessions. I find coach Ryan and coach Daniel amazingly easy to approach with questions about anything, just don't think they won't notice if you don't jump during your burpees!

Hong Kong

Better Sleep and Healthier Tastes...

What Specifically Did You Like Most About Our Transformation Program?

Being part of a group all going through the same thing.

Describe one or two of the most important benefits you’ve received?

Better sleep and healthier tastes of what I want to eat - cheat day makes you feel rubbish after!

Would you recommend our program to others? If so, why?

Yes, for fun and structured program that makes you be well behaved because you've paid for it and you're being watched!

Hong Kong

I feel a difference before and after joining PF...

I feel a difference before and after joining PF that my body got stronger and healthier.
Firstly, I used to have a back pain problem which always came with shoulder pain but it's almost gone now.
Secondly, I have a very weak immune system which easily collapses when I am tired, causing MBS (mouth burning syndrome) which is quite serious but working out in fit camp helps a lot for elevating body temperature, and boosting blood circulation that improves my immune system.

Lastly, mentality... working out with committed people always inspires me on what healthy life is.

It is not only about your body is being healthy but also positive mindset.

It is really fun to talk about eating clean with PF members, hanging out together and help each other to achieve personal goals.
Thanks very much Ryan for encouraging and motivating me. 🙂


Sumin J.

The Weight Loss Aspect Was Tremendous...

What Specifically Did You Like Most About Our Transformation Program?

The whole package!! The motivation from both trainers and class spirit.

Describe one or two of the most important benefits you’ve received?

Loss of weight and more active.

Would you recommend our program to others? If so, why?

Yes because it works.

General Comments?

I think this was an excellent programme which could be undertaken by any healthy person. The weight loss aspect was tremendous and has really inspired me to continue with this life style to reach and then maintain my goal weight.

Hong Kong

If you want to challenge yourself...

If you want to challenge yourself, please come join us. Ryan and Daniel will drive you crazy and won't let you down after 21 days. The only thing you need to care about is commitment. Follow the rules and get the result. Easy job!!!

Carlos Wong
Hong Kong