Lifting for Women

The importance of lifting for Women.
You’ll have noticed that on our page recently we have been linking and sharing vast numbers of articles which discuss why weight lifting can be beneficial to women’s health.
We have been sharing numerous articles from our favorite authors.  

But we thought we would collate this information together, simplify and also discuss some of the common lines we hear from our female members. After all, that’s our job!


But first of all let’s clarify the terms ‘weight lifting’ / ‘lifting’.
‘Lifting’ or ‘Weight lifting’ doesn’t have to be chalked up, loud grunting and slamming of weights. It can be controlled machine aided movement. Or Light dumbbell complexes.
The importance is moving load which causes you to apply force to an object. How much force is up to you, ideally, you need to challenge yourself. But starting slow and keeping things easy to get comfortable is a great way to start.
Certainly if you find yourself enjoying lifting Dumbbells or working with Barbbells, that’s awesome! Explore different options.
Basically find what area you are comfortable lifting in to start. Get comfy. Then start exploring to push yourself slowly.
If you read the rest of this article and then think “yeah, but I don’t want to be grunting away and slamming stuff, that’s just embarrassing” –  Remember you don’t have to do that. Start small and work your way towards other methods – just like anything else in health or fitness.

Now let’s look into the common “Yeah, but I don’t want to get too (insert word referring to being extremely muscular)”
We hear this a lot. I want to tone up, but I don’t want to end up looking crazy huge.
Getting ‘Huge’ is difficult for the majority of the population. Unless you are gifted with awesome genetics it’s unlikely that you’ll get massive.
However, in saying that some muscle growth is expected! And that’s not a bad thing. IF ANYTHING, it will help you ‘tone’, ‘shape’ and ‘define’. Which is what we want!!
And if you do feel as though you are beginning to become more muscular then you would like to be. Switch your diet and training up! We can always tweak and edit programs and nutrition.

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” I see my friends doing it and now it’s all they talk about” / “I don’t know what to do”
The first one is becoming more and more common due to certain areas and aspects of fitness (not pointing any fingers). And yes. I can understand why this can be quite a ‘turn off’ to lifting. But there is one key thing to remember. For the amount of your friends who do talk about it all the time there are probably just as many who do it but don’t talk about it. Just because you see others doing it, doesn’t mean you will.
The second one to my mind is also quite common. There are tons of ways around it  (and everyone knows it) and normally there is an underlying reason why they don’t want to train. But for arguments sake here are some ways to learn different lifting:
1. Youtube.
2. Ask a friend to help
3. Ask your trainer to help
4. Hire a trainer with the goal of learning different techniques.

So now we have discussed some misconceptions, let’s take a super simple look into some health benefits.

Fat Burn
Most people think that lifting will just give you muscles and there isn’t any other benefits. THINK AGAIN.
After a ‘lifting’ workout your body needs energy to repair the damaged tissue cells (don’t worry, them being damaged is a good thing). Where does it get energy from? Well one of the places it can get energy from is burning fat!

Curves / Clothes will fit better
Don’t get fixated on the scales. Instead take an interest in how your body looks and feels. Do you feel like you’re fitting your clothes better? Does your body look more curvy in the right places?
That’s your body fat % decreasing and lean body mass (muscle) increasing. And it feels DAM GOOD!

Bone Health
This can be a major cause of concern for some later in life. However, lifting will help bone density. Having stronger bones means a decreased risk of osteoporosis. This is only a good thing and the earlier you start lifting, the more it will help later in life!

Improved Posture
Worried about that excessive arch in your back? By focusing on the correct patterns when lifting it will help have you standing tall and proud in no time.

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Now even after all of this you’re still not sure whether lifting some weights is the best thing for you to do.
Try this.
Pick out the key benefits of lifting  – all of the positives.
Imagine them all happening to you within a month.
How would/do you feel?

So what’s holding you back?!?!

If you’re interested reading more into benefits and how to start getting into the swing of the things. Have a look at some of the links below.

Now enough reading!


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