What is Fit Camp?

In a nutshell, Fit Camp is a hybrid of personal training and group classes, with a student to trainer ratio of 5:1. It combines the benefits of individualized programming with the fun and motivation of being in a group setting. The program is designed to offer a fun warm-up followed by a challenging, yet efficient, 30-40 minute higher intensity session, either in teams or with partners, to maximize fat burning, weight-loss, increase fitness levels and keep you looking great all season long.
Our trainers will also provide valuable feedback such as implementing corrective exercises, executing proper technique, and motivational guidance to get your group past each workout. As you progress, your foundation will get stronger, which will allow you to successfully complete your goals.

How Is Fit Camp Different From Other Boot Camps?

Our program was initially designed to focus on male and females working in corporate office environments, sitting 8+ hours/day, desperately looking to relieve work-life stress, muscle and joint pain, while increasing energy and overall health. We take pride in designing each session with a sense of “play” that truly disconnects our members from their daily stresses and gets them laughing while still achieving their goals. With this non-traditional approach and personalized feel, we’re confident our clients are getting the best service for their dollar.

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