Finding the Time

Finding the Time


“I can never find the time”
“I never have the time to workout I’m always so busy”
“Yeah but the time, I’m always so tired”


Enough of this.
There is time.
Whether you think so or not, there is time.

“oh yeah it’s easy for you to say that, but I can’t do it”

What a load of Bacon!


How much time do you actually spend being productive? Or do you have facebook open in the background? Or are you answering emails, and answering texts and eating your lunch all at the same time in order to ‘save time’

This is bologna! – you’re not getting your work done productively and you’re not saving time.

Let’s say you work 9am – 5pm, 5 days a week.
That’s 40 Hours a week, out of 160. You want to train 3 times a week, that’s 3 hours. Out of 160. Still can’t find the time?
How about this though? there’s 730 hours in a month. Let’s say you train 3 time a week for a month. That’s 12 hours a month. Out of 730. 12 hours out of 730 hours.
Still can’t find the time?

Now you may be thinking yeah that sounds pretty good. But it’s unrealistic.
It’s not.
Think about if you spent those hours at work productively. Doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Rather than only spending half the time doing what you’re supposed to be doing. You might actually have time time you want to have, so you can train and finally get the health and energy you want.

Let’s just get one thing straight – I’m not saying you don’t work hard, I’m not saying you don’t try hard at work. Let’s just clear that.

But what I am saying is that there is a way to find some time to do the things you want to do and be the way you want to be!

It just comes down to energy and time management.
You may of read my previous article on energy management – well time management follows pretty much the same principles. If you use your time productively and correctly – it makes things a hell of a lot easier to get everything done. So how can you tell if you spend your time productively or not?
Write down everything you do in the day – use a diary or calendar with hour slots and fill them in – the more accurate you are the better idea you’ll have of where you are ‘losing’ time.
E.g. 7am – 8am: Woke up, emails and facebook (10Mins), shower and brekky (10mins)
10am – 11am: Meeting (30mins), emails and facebook + music surfing (30mins)
6pm – 7pm: Commute home (30mins) , shower, feet up and watching TV (20mins)
Obviously these are just some examples but you get the idea

Once you have a clear picture you should be able to see where you can ‘trim the fat’ – find the time that you’ve been missing.
“Well if I spent 10mins purely on emails – nothing else, I could probably get them done faster”

New Year's Bang

we’ve trimmed some fat.

Record a week and see where you are losing your time, because let’s face it, time is in one of the most valuable assets we have!


Once you’ve found where you are losing time, you’ll be able to use time more productively, you’ll find yourself not only with ‘more time’ for you to do the things you want to do, but you’ll also feel loads better!


So enough of the cheesy excuses  – stop procrastinating the time you have on bookface and start using it the right way!

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