Energy Management

Energy Management. 



This may seem like a silly title and something to skip over. 

But the science coming out suggests that this is crucial to living a healthier life. 

Lets paint two scenarios for you:

1) During the day you work at your screen all the time. You eat your lunch at your desk. You then commute home whilst staring at your phone answering emails. You then feel so tired and stress you feel that the people close to you annoy and frustrate you. You then find it difficult to sleep. This process repeats for weeks.
Even when on holiday you find it hard to tear yourself away from a phone or laptop because you need to answer emails. 

2) During the day you work at your screen for set periods of time. This time is used productively and purposefully. There are intermittent breaks where you not only move and drink water, but you do something you thoroughly enjoy. You move and get out of the office for lunch. During your commute you listen to some music that you enjoy. You then find at home you are happier, have more energy and want to spend time with the people around you. 
On holiday you can relax and really enjoy the time for yourself. 

Now not all of these things may apply to you. 
It may just be a little bit of one or a lot of one. 

But more than likely in a high octane world, scenario one can occur without you even realising.


And now the big question “yes but I don’t have time for scenario two” – is that really the case? can you honestly say this?

Think about your work time, are you working productively? or flipping between facebook and work and emails and BBC and Music?



What if you only did emails for 20 minutes. Nothing else. 
And then did 40 minutes of good clean work, no distractions no wavering. 

You then gave yourself a 20 minute break for your own time – something you enjoy and like. 

it may seem like you won’t get enough done….but with all that time being as productive as possible. You’ll get that work done. 

The important thing is to recognize that it must be something that breaks your mind from work. 
It can be anything, from playing guitar to going for a walk to going for a chat with your best friend.
Anything that breaks your regime and is something you actually enjoy. 

You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to your life. 

Schedule it into your day and make it non- negotiable.  

It will take time to implement it.

So stick with it for a week and see how you feel!



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