ryanbwRyan Charem | Director & Founder | Master Trainer – NASM | Master Trainer – Powerplate | Master Trainer – Triggerpoint | Certified Sport & Exercise Nutrition Coach | PTA-Global Advanced | CPR/AED | ViPR Group Fitness Instructor | Lululemon Brand Ambassador |

Trainer and educator in the health, fitness and wellness industry, Lululemon ambassador, and founder of Precision Fitness HK. As an educator and Master Trainer for The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Power Plate, Trigger Point, and, more recently, Rehab+, Ryan inspires and encourages new and seasoned trainers to take their careers from good to great. (Education aside, because who really wants to hear about that?) Ryan is also the founder of Fit Camp, ​​which has made waves in the ​HK ​fitness industry for it’s​ fun approach to​ working out,​ slow and practical methods to getting​ results, and unique take on ​wellness. ​Fit Camp​ ​gives the HK market ​dynamic ​workouts and nutrition ​guidance ​delivered in an environment that fosters a family feel filled with ​subversive humor​ ​​​and outrageous ​behavior. Ryan can reached by contacting him here.

“The health industry tends to spend too much time and money focusing in on what we’re doing wrong – I feel it’s time to shift the lens and zero-in on what we’re doing right, replicate these bright spots, and observe how the rest works itself out on it’s own.” – Ryan


Daniel Williams | Partner & Head Trainer | NASM-CPT | BSc in Applied Sports Science and Coaching | CPPS | CAFS | CPR/AED | Triggerpoint MCT | PTA-Global Bridge | TRX GSTC | ViPR Group Fitness Instructor |

Being born and bred in Hong Kong, Dan has seen a number of changes in the fitness industry, from an almost non existent industry to a thriving market. After completing school, Dan went to the UK where he completed his BSc in Sports Science and Coaching. Traveling back to Hong Kong has seen him complete numerous courses which have allowed him to enhance his knowledge and skills. Dan is capable of helping clients reach whatever goals they may have: From improving movement efficiency and bio-mechanics, to fat loss or weight gain. By being with the company from the beginning, Dan has an intimate relationship with Precision Fitness, truly believing in the mantra and goals of the company.




Ollie Chiu | Physiotherapist (Australia) | AIF Master Trainer | BSc in Physiotherapy | Master Trainer – Triggerpoint |

Olivia “Ollie” Chiu grew up in Hong Kong before moving to Australia for university studies. There she completed her Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) before adding a Certificate of Fitness to her repertoire, allowing her to work as both a physiotherapist and a personal trainer. Since then, Ollie’s passion has been to help people “Move better, Feel better, Be Better” using both her physiotherapy knowledge and skills in her approach to fitness and exercise programs. Since returning to Hong Kong in early 2014, Ollie is keen to help people with their posture, movement patterns and fitness levels and continue her work in both the physiotherapy and fitness industries.


Owen Cotton | International Personal Trainer | NASM-CPT | Triggerpoint MCT | Sports Nutrition Specialist | CPR/AED |

Hailing from the the UK, Owen has always thought of himself as a fitness fanatic with the gym being seen as his home away from home. He grew up participating in a variety of sports, with appearances at county level for football, rugby and cricket. Needless to say, he is always excited to train those looking to improve sports performance. As the years went on, Owen’s attention began to focus on improving body composition, with the use of resistance training and various forms of cardio. This also led to a passion for nutrition, which he firmly believes can have a dramatic effect on how well you perform before, during and after training. He is always aiming to improve his education on both nutrition and training and after becoming a certified personal trainer through NASM, he aims to utilize his knowledge to help clients achieve maximal results. As a father, Owen understands how difficult it can be to find the time and motivation to participate in training activities. With this in mind he is always trying to think up unique and exciting ways to make the most out of your training.