Client of the Month – May 2015

So without further ado!

lets announce the winner of Client of the month for May! (a little late I know!)download full movie A Cure for WellnessLogan 2017 movie streaming

The winner is: Stefano Tordiglione


A long time member of Precision Fitness. Stefano’s transformational story is truly amazing. 
He’s not only changed his body around but through exercise he has also changed his life for the better.
Being a successful interior designer in life, Stefano has brought his enthusiasm and creativity to our family. 

Sometimes he’s the class clown, sometimes he’s the class devil, but one things for sure you know when Stefano is at fitcamp.
We give Stefano a hard time, us coaches, but he ALWAYS rises to the challenge, pushing himself and others to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle (even though we’re not a fan of those shorts – (PLEASE BUY SOME NEW ONES)

You’ll hear Stefano when you enter our sessions  – whether it be Italian or English he’s bound to either be swearing or encouraging others to reach the end of the complex or session – how do you say that in Italian again Stefano?
His laugh is contagious during our play outs and his smile is infectious. 

Stefano, we are very very proud of all that you have achieved and we know you’ve only tapped the the beginnings of your potential


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