Benefits of Group Training

Benefits of Group Training

You hear it a lot. “Why do you train? But why” or you have a friend who says something like “How do you burn fat?” “How can I look like you?” “Do you actually like training with people”
Of course there is the fact that you may actually enjoy training (and let’s face it, we are the minority!!) A group of you training together enjoying games and sweating together! Nothing beats it!

But a lot of people just turn to the basic replies: “To Burn Fat” “To look better” “Build more muscle”  “because I have fun”
These are all fantastic reasons for training. But let’s look a little deeper shall we? Because most of the time we don’t actually know what is going on in our own actual body! And our friends are sick of us telling them that they should come along just because it’s ‘fun’. They want to know the value of your fun training before joining!
Why do we train? What actually happens to our body when we “Burn Fat”, “Look Better” or “Build Muscle”. Why do we end up enjoying it so much?


So Number 1. Burning Fat/Toning Up.
Now I know, some may argue that these should get their own section. And yes, there are many good reasons for grouping these together. But for the benefit of most of us, I’m going to break it down like this.
Burning fat is….(wait for it)….Burning fat. Crazy I know right?!
Toning up, is being able to see a flat stomach or some arm muscles.
Okay now we have broken that down let’s get one HUGE misconception out of the weight

You don’t BURN FAT! What you actually do is shrink fat cells!
CRAZY I KNOW. You hear the word ‘BURN’ all the time in fitness and health. and I guess it sounds better then ‘Shrink’, hence it is used more.
But no. When you ‘burn fat’ and start toning up you are actually shrinking fat cells.
So now the big question…
How do we shrink fat?
Well there are several factors (of course there are! Nothing is ever simple 🙁 )
One is obviously the type of training you do, some types will help you shrink fat faster than others!
Secondly is diet, if you’re downing a litre of coke every hour, it’s not going to help your case.

But you know this!
SO, when you create a calorie deficit (you use more calories than you ingest) Your body has to use other fuels in order to create energy. Some of these fuel (there are many different types!) are stored in the fat cells. By using the fuel in the fat cells your body starts to not only shrink the fat cell but realize that it doesn’t need to store as much fuel! DOUBLE BONUS!! By continually challenging the body to use this type of fuel for energy you’ll see the difference!
If you’re looking for a type of workout which accesses this type of fuel, have a look through at some other blogs, you’re bound to find one you like the look of!

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Now hopefully your brain hasn’t exploded!
Let’s look into the muscle building category now.
You often here self claimed meat heads describe muscle building as lifting heavy #%!&.
And yes that does help, of course.
And you have probably heard people talk about different reps and sets and blah blah blah.
It is confusing, but this will help. I promise.
Forget all of that for a moment, and let’s focus on what actually happens to the cell when we build muscle.
First thing first. Everyone has a different level, when I say exercises make sure you think of one that applies to you! If you struggle with push ups, then think of push ups. If you like deadlifts, think of deadlifts.

So when we do a exercise, what happens to our muscle? It contracts in order to complete the movement we desire. A certain amount of muscle fibres are recruited in order to complete the movement. When things get really tough, we recruit more (IMPORTANT NOTE: Muscle Fibres have no ‘half settings’ They are either switched ON or OFF)
Now what happens if we continually ask lots of these muscle fibres to contract A LOT. AND OFTEN. Our muscles get ‘tired’ and we slowly lose the ability to perform the exercise.
Basically these muscles fibres are becoming damaged, tiny tears are starting to occur within each fibre. We call this micro trauma. When micro trauma occurs our muscles need proteins in order to rebuild these tears. This makes the muscle fibre ‘bigger’ or more ‘dense’. and to be honest, that’s it in a nut shell!

Why do we enjoy group training so much?
Obviously, if you have a trainer who is disguising work with games then of course you’re going to have fun! You start playing and smiling and don’t even realizing your sweating until the end of the game!
Partner work works in a similar way! When you work with someone you develop a connection, a ‘rapport’ this allows you to get along with each other and enjoy each other’s companies.
Not only is this going on, but there are some chemicals we can blame for our love of group training! (DAM THEM!!)
You probably associate this chemical with other thing like….chocolate….spicy food…having a moment with your intimate other….
The chemicals are often referred to as endorphins or ‘feel good chemicals’
As you exercise and just after you exercise, your body gets flushed with these chemicals and you end up feeling
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Of course if you are enjoying this with a group of people, you start to associate these feel good chemicals with your group. Therefore you want more of it, which leads to more training etc etc!!

Next time someone asks why do you do it?
Why do you enjoy it so much?
you have the tools to give them any answer you wish!

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