Perfect Body

Precision fitness was founded in 2012 with a vision to help individuals in office environments relieve stress, muscle and joint pain, increase energy and overall health. We aim to bring ‘fun’ back into workouts by providing challenging and enjoyable workouts, which de-stress and help people reach their goals. With the momentum and success of Precision Fitness’ fun and tailored approach, we decided to provide our programs to the Hong Kong community through the highest levels and variety of training to help bridge the gap between the general population, office employees and athletes.
Our trainers are only certified through recognized and respected organizations — come with a wealth of knowledge, professionalism and practical experience in the fitness field. Whether you want to lose body fat, help with lower back pain, increase sports performance, gain lean muscle mass or improve overall fitness, our personal trainers will provide guidance every step of the way to reach your goals.


Structured, tested programs based on your personal goals, physical capabilities, and needs.


Precision Fitness Trainers do NOT follow fads. These programs are developed through years of field experience and measured results.


Nutrition coaching that fits and works with your lifestyle.


Various training locations for your convenience: In-home training, outdoors, company gym, or our local private personal training facility.