8 Steps to a Healthier Year

8 Steps to a healthier year!


Everyone does it. Even us coaches. We make ridiculous new years resolutions, which we never follow through with.
Then we make the same resolutions the following year.




Well enough is enough.
Let’s change this mindset and set our selves manageable goals.


So here we are, 8 steps to a healthier you next year!!




  1. Drink at LEAST 3L of water a day. Buy a water bottle and keep it with you the whole time! You’ll feel better and look better! Drinking-water

  2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Make the time and go to bed earlier or later. But make it happen. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll look better too.

  3. Stand up for AT LEAST one minute for every 20 minutes of sitting down.  This will help your posture, breathing and mood. And one minute can even be going to the water cooler or walking the length of the office. Or just standing up and having a big stretch. NO EXCUSES.

  4. Make sure at least one of your meals per day is a good healthy one. Making one small change like this can have a huge effect over all of your meals. You may even find yourself trying to make healthier options at other meals!

  5. Give yourself an exercise goal. – This is quite vague I realize this. But everyone is at different levels. If you have never exercised before, take out 20mins of one week for exercise, 20mins out of one week we can find time for. OR if you do exercise a lot, just add in a new goal.

  6. Make 20mins of time throughout the week for YOU! This may sound easy to do. But how often do you really disconnect? How often are you always on the phone? Sitting on facebook? Once again 20mins is not a long time and you can do whatever YOU like. But make sure you are undisturbed. bokeh

  7. Surround yourself with positive people. Why?  Positive people will encourage you to take the right steps. They’ll support you through the journey and help you along it. Having positive people around you will only have a good impact on your life. You may even find their positive energy contagious!

  8. Push yourself to do something new once a week or once a month. Trying new things is good. It forces you to break from habit and explore new possibilities. Once again you can start as small as visiting a new restaurant to visiting a ne country. Up to you, but make the effort.

Take your time employing these into your life. Whether it be over the course of 8 days/ 8 weeks or 8 months.
By making these small changes you’ll feel happier and healthier !



Here’s to a great 2015!

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