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Have you tried and failed at “fad diets” or big-box gyms? Need something different and more SUSTAINABLE? PF is all about making your health & fitness fun and inclusive!

People in Hong Kong are busy. Big gyms can be intimidating and very non-service focused, and that can be a drag. It’s also so confusing with all the information out there. That’s where PF comes in. We’re all about making your fitness journey easy, enjoyable, and lots of fun. PF programs are powerful inside and out. Our realistic and holistic approach to fitness & lifestyle goes well beyond the classic gym or diet regimes to provide our clients with smart techniques and strategies that support the busiest executives or parents. Our team of trainers, secretly nerds at heart, meet you where you need to be met and will bring you to where you want to be in a fitness space we have carefully cultivated that you’ll just love.

Why waste your money being a member of a large gym, when you can be a part of a small family that’s all about making fitness as enjoyable as possible?